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Casa Jurnalistului (Journalist’s House) is a collective of independent reporters based in Bucharest. We create in-depth feature stories about social issues in Eastern Europe.

We worked with The Guardian, Channel 4, USA Today, Al Jazeera and lots of other channels, but we like to publish our stories in a multimedia format on our own website.

We have an actual house in which we live, work and organize events for our readers, who support us directly through donations.

We’re working on translating all our stories to English. Here are some samples:

P1360093CoROnavirus Monitor – A web app monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on Romania. We visualize official information and centralize local news feeds from every county.


P1360093It was an experiment – The most famous orthopaedist in Romania experimented on his patients and left dozens of children crippled for life. The investigation led to his arrest and prosecution. [Ep. 2: “She would have died anyway“]


P1360093Bruce Lee, the King of Sewers – an in-depth feature story about Romania’s stray children, who ran away from communist orphanages and built an underground drug empire.


P13600934000 kilometers hurdles – We followed the refugees from Greece to Germany, six countries in two weeks. The trip was chaotic – in the trunk of some speculators, hiding in the woods, or jumping fences and running. Go, go, go!


coverHe was a weak child – A young drug addict can’t get proper treatment and decides to kill himself. For years, Romania tolerated stores selling “legal drugs” that killed thousands of people.


coverSad Pills For Special Kids – I spent 10 days undercover in a rehabilitation center for children. I saw them fighting and threatening each others with knives. I witnessed how they are tied and sedated, how they are not being taken care of or rehabilitated, but kept hidden away from the society.


IMG_2394-2Fracking Romania – a cross-border investigation into a crooked deal to extract shale gas from Romania’s poorest county.



The Occupied Village – a remote village becomes a “special safety zone” under police control after local protests against fracking.


P1360093Rodion’s Dream – A musical genius has the misfortune of being born in communist Romania. He is rediscovered in the age of the Internet and turned into an underground star.


coverThe Năvodari Emperor – In some Romanian towns, when the mayor is caught stealing, citizens take to the streets to defend him from justice. I have entered the world of Navodari’s mayorship for three months in order to understand how a community can support a leader accused of corruption.


coverWe Want Them Back Alive – A re-enactment of the disappearance of 43 mexican students who were taken by the police. A glimpse in the game between Mexican authorities and the narcotraficants.


coverThe PM’s Witnesses – I travelled three days throughout the country with the PSD (Romanian Social Democrat party) campaign bus.


coverThe Good Bum – George has been walking all over Romania in order to find his luck. He wears 60s-like cuffed jeans and walks with 4km/hour on the side of the highway. It’s past midnight. As trucks pass by, cold air penetrates his soul leaving inside a death anxiety, although it’s not long since he last wished he was dead.


coverGive God A Call – what a cowboy, his young wife and four children know about poverty.


coverI Love Copper – Here’s a simple math equation that portrays the story: Seven meters of Romtelecom cable = six hundred thousand lei = three bags of ethnobotanicals = one year in prison.


coverTwo Blondes and one “Special” – There are about 600.000 slot machine gamblers in Romania; most of them young and poor men from the cities. The economic crisis draws them to the machines, they want to make quick money, but they fall under the spell of the little bright lights on the slot machine screen and some end up losing everything.

8732542167_5e8bdeaf25_o-copyCristina’s Street
– a homeless love story on the streets of Bucharest.


8732542167_5e8bdeaf25_o-copyThe Second Horse Massacre – a road-trip through the countryside, where people are selling their sick horses, which end up in Western supermarkets.


1QUynThe Slumbering Youth is Throwing Rocks: “We Are Fucking Angry!” – a close look into Romania’s most violent protest of the last decade.


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